Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fort Worth

November 5th
Happy Birthday Philboy!  Today my “younger” brother turned 22.  I can’t honestly say little brother because he is a good 6 inches taller than me ha!  Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY…wish I could be home to celebrate!

Well to celebrate Phillip’s birthday, I slept in and then hung out with the crew.  Chad and Allison took us down to the Fort Worth Stockyard.  Fort Worth has two sides to it…the old and new.  The Stockyard is where back in the day and still today, people would come to “stock the yard” with cattle and different farm critters.  Our first stop was at the famous Cooper’s BBQ.  When you walk in you pick from all of these impressive pieces of meat, then pick up a few sides, and a drink.  I have never seen such big pieces of meat!  It was tasty.  Here is a picture of all of us eating…

After lunch we hit the Stockyard.  We walked into some neat stores and we even took a picture with a longhorn.  I got the pleasure to sit in the saddle while the rest stood beside.  Neat experience!!
After touring and walking around the Stockyard we headed back to Chad and Allison’s house.  First task we had to accomplish was moving all of our stuff from the truck to Lindsay’s car.  As Brittny described it, this was going to be a “dramatic” incident.  We have way to much stuff for 3 people to ride in a Camry.  Whew.  The ride back is going to be interesting to say the least. 

After packing up the car it was football and margarita time.  Chad has this nifty marg machine that he wanted to show us while Allison was making chili.  So Chad hooked us up with some strong margs and we were set to watch the LSU vs AL game.  It was a great game for those of yall who missed it.  LSU won in overtime.  (I was cheering for them, yay!)

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