Thursday, November 3, 2011

On the road again...

November 2nd
Sad to say, but it is time for us to leave the cozy Park City, UT.  We hit the road around 9am to find frosty, icy roads.  I was glad Lindsay was driving.  I do not want to be responsible for driving on ice with Chad’s nice truck.  So I was more than content to be the navigator.

Since Denver and parts of Wyoming were being hit with huge amounts of snow, we decided to take the back highway routes instead of the major interstates.  This way we went South right away AND we would be crossing near the Four Corners.  Win win situation!

When we first hit the mountains, about 1.5 hours in, we ran into a traffic jam.  A car had run off the road due to the ice, which then backed up both sides of the road.  We sat there for a good 45 minutes at least.
Then we drove and we drove and we drove.  Then Brittny took over driving.  She drove the roughest part of the trip.  The roads were extremely bumpy and super windy.   Brit did a fabulous job.  As she drove and I navigated, we jammed out to some soulfull R&B, rap, and old school pop songs.  Thank you Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, and John Legend!!

Then we made the best stop of the day…THE FOUR CORNERS!!  It is awesome because you can stand, sit, do a backbend (I definitiely did this), or just whatever in four different states at one time.  I was in Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado at the same time.  Awesome!  Also they had great little booths of arts and crafts.  I may have bought a few things made by a sweet Navajo lady.  Dad, get excited because one of these is for you :)

After our fun stop, we were back on the road.  We finally arrived in Santa Fe around 11pm.  We were all pooped and ready for bed at this point.  Thank you Fairfield Inn for a great night sleep!!

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