Thursday, November 3, 2011

Santa Fe

November 3rd
Hello Santa Fe!!  This morning the lovely Fairfield Inn provided a scrumptious breakfast and all you could want coffee.  Best way to start the day.  After we filled up and showered up, we were out the door ready to explore the city.

Our first and actually only major stop was downtown, the Santa Fe Plaza.  It is several blocks of Southwestern designed buildings filled with shops, vendors, restaurants, businesses, art galleries, and historic land marks.  It was fabulous to explore. 

We went inside the St. Francis Catheral and took a long gander.  I really enjoyed it and I surprised myself on how much Catholic knowledge I remembered from my early days of attending the Catholic church.   There is just so much tradition, history, and beauty to Catholic churches.   However, doctrinally I do not align myself with their doctrines anymore…I just like to admire their buildings :)  Oh look at these post cards I found in the gift shop… who doesn’t love a good nun joke!?

We also did some major window shopping along with some actual purchases.  By the end of the day I can say that I am the proud owner of a nifty wooden cross, a pair of turquoise earrings, and a Navajo carved “good luck Kitchen Chicken.”  My favorite is by far the chicken.  When I get back to the Ham everyone is invited to come see this beauty.  Hopefully by then I will have a clever name for this yellow and turquoise gem :) (Suggestions welcome!)  Oh and mom you may have gotten something out of this shopping trip in the plaza… get ready!!

In the midst of our shopping, lunch time hit and our stomachs agreed.  We asked a local where we should eat and she told us about the Shed.  It is a hole in the wall southwestern style place.  It was delish.  I got a taco and an enchilada with their hot green chile sauce.  It was a great break to sit and enjoy the atmosphere and some good food.  Mexican is by far my favorite :)

After making my wallet hurt and walking the plaza up and down a million times, we decided it would be nice to go see a movie.  We went and saw Moneyball.  I highly recommend.  It was a great movie!!

Well now we are about to hit the hay because tomorrow is going to be a very LONG and tiring day  and we have to leave by 6am.  Yikes!!  Dallas here we come!!

Oh but first check out these grizzly bear fur gloves...CRAZY! They may not look like it in the picture, but they are HUGE.  Grizzly sized!

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