Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Welcome to Texas

November 4th
What an early morning…I got up at 4:45 Santa Fe time.  Whew!  Then after getting all of our stuff into the truck and getting our coffee and breakfast, we were out the door and on the road.  We drove, and drove, and drove, and drove.  One nice bit about this trip was the GPS somehow shaved 2 hours off the time.  So we went in thinking it would be an 11 hour drive into a 9 hour drive.  Much better!!

We rolled into Fort Worth around 4:30pm.  Just in time to stop and get the truck washed up and detailed.  We wanted to return the truck all nice and pretty.  Speaking of the truck, we had promised that when we returned the truck would have a name.  Here is the winner… Ridesatthedoor.  I know what you are thinking…what!?  It is an Indian last name that I had a blonde moment with out on the res.  Naturally it should be the trucks new name.  (the story is written in an earlier post if you are interested)

We finally got to Chad and Allison’s house around 6:30 where we hung out with Allison and the pups, Willy and Bella.  When Chad got home he took to this fabulous Italian restaurant, Piola.  It was delicious!! I had the best eggplant parmesan.  Yum!  After dinner we went to a pub nearby his house to get a drink.  Actually we had gone down town to go to some place, but B had forgotten her wallet thus no id.   The people there wouldn’t let her in without it.  The ironic part of it all is that she was the oldest of the group.  Ha!

Tonight was such a fun night getting to know Chad and Allison.  It was full of laughter and good food.  One funny moment I will not forget was us driving downtown with Chad being the tour guide.  He had some 90s music bumpin on the radio and he stopped his tour to say what does this song make you want to do.  I yelled out WIGGLE!  It was just one of those songs with a good beat and that was the first word that came to mind. Ha!  It was funny and the rest of the weekend, wiggle was the catch phrase! :) 

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