Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

October 31st
Happy Halloween and PTL for Park City.  This morning I slept in real late.  Lindsay and I shared a room and both of us woke up semi early but thought the other was asleep so we kept going back to sleep off and on.  We did this until 11 because neither of us wanted to get up until the other did.  Ha!  I finally got up and then a few minutes later so did Lindsay.

Right after we had gotten up and drank some coffee, Harold’s friend Karen contacted us to see if we would like to go hiking with her and her friend.  Of course we said yes!   We quickly got ready and headed out to Gorgoza’s hill to meet up.

The hike was BEAUTIFUL but in such a different way compared to Montana.  A of all, no snow!  B of all, not as much green.  C of all, more inclines and altitude. Naturally Park City is at a higher elevation, so Karen warned us to drink lots of water and to just take it easy if the altitude starts to get to us.

We had such a good time hiking!  Karen and Sharie (I think?)  were so sweet and so fun to hike with.  The hike took a little over 2 hours, so not bad at all.  After we hiked, we headed downtown to Main Street to check out some of the Halloween festivities.  There were kids galore all dressed up and running around begging for candy.  Also everyone had brought their dogs and dressed them up for a dog parade.  It was so fun.  My favorite costume was a dog dressed as a chia pet.  Haha!!

We then headed back to the hotel to shower before we went to dinner at Butcher’s.  Karen and Sharie had recommended it and we had a coupon.  It was pretty good :)  Then after dinner we went into Salt Lake City to go to “America’s #1 Haunted House.”  Unfortunately we had misinformed at what time it closed.  So when we rolled up they told us they had just stopped letting people in.  YIKES!  Fortunately since we had bought our tickets on line they felt sorry and let us go in.  It was awesome.  At one point we were stuck in a room with zombies and couldn’t find a way out.  For a good 5 minutes we were wandering around and bumping into creepy zombies.  They were really good actors too! 

We got home a little after midnight.  We were all wide awake, so we popped in a movie.  We didn’t end up going to bed until 3:30am…whoops! 
Good day :)

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