Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Snow Day

November 1st

It’s snowing!! This morning I when I woke up and looked outside I was pleasantly surprised to see WHITE everywhere!!  The funny part is I knew it was supposed to, but you cannot help but get excited when you see it.  Growing up in the South will do that to you.  I guess it is the fact that as a kid you never had to go to school when you saw or had the possibility of snow…so now I still get excited when I see it and today we had our own little Snow Day :) 

Today we were absolutely boring.  I got up, drank some coffee, sat by the fire, wrote a few emails, then went to the pool with Lindsay.  We stayed until we were so pruny it was unbearable ha!  Afterwards we ordered some take-out and watched a movie.  Then I went down to check out the gym for a bit while Brit and Linds stayed in the room. 
So yea lazy day… but it has been so nice!

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